Eddie’s Gravel Supply has been in business for over 65 years. Founded by Edward and Frances Bochurka in the 1940’s, the business began in downtown Winnipeg Beach. Located across from the iconic wooden rollercoaster, Coaster Garage was comprised of a gas station and automobile repair shop. The building grew to house a restaurant that, in time, the Bochurkas turned into a laundromat. Eddie then purchased a gravel pit outside of town and began hauling material. The business continued to grow and in the 1980’s moved to it’s current location on Highway 9. Eddie’s Gravel Supply has always been a family business and is now run by Eddie’s son, Kevin Bochurka.
The company prides itself on quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.
Over the years, Eddie’s Gravel has become a specialist in lake-shore rehabilitation and asphalt services.  The company has done miles of lake-shore work across the Lake Winnipeg waterfront to rehabilitate and protect the shoreline in order to prevent further damage to these sought-after properties. Call today for a quote!
CLICK HERE to learn more about Lakeshore Rehabilitation
As for the Coaster Garage where it all began… the building at Robinson and Main is still a staple in Winnipeg Beach’s popular downtown.

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    • Hello Ashley,
      Yes, we do have Black Granite. Feel free to call us at the office and we can give you a quote.


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