Eddie’s Gravel supplies a variety of stones, fills, soils and sands.

Customers are welcome to come by and view the materials from our sample pots. Our order desk will work with you to determine the perfect product for your project with the option of picking up the material or having it delivered.
Some of our materials include:
  • 3/4 down
  • 1/4 down
  • 3/4 clean
  • Masonry sand
  • Stucco sand
  • Screened sand
  • Pitrun sand
  • Packing gravel
  • Concrete gravel
  • Pit run gravel
  • Crushed gravel
  • Crusher chips
  • A base
  • Pitrun fill
  • Processed & unprocessed fill
  • Pea stone
  • 3/4 round stone
  • River rock
  • Sewer rock

and more

We also supply and can install plastic and steel culverts.
For an estimate, contact our office at 204.389.2023.

6 thoughts on “Products

  1. can I get pricing for 3 yards of 1/4 down and price on 5 yds. 1/4 down and possibly even better pricing for a little more. thanx. It would be getting delivered to 204 3rd Ave just down the street from you

  2. I need a price on gravel for my trailer at spruce sands trailer park.

    We need to build up some really low spots…what do you recommend.


    • Thank you for the inquiry Laurie, our front desk will email you shortly. We can also be reached directly at our office, 204.389.2023. Have a great day!

  3. Hi, looking for the price per yard on top soil delivered to sandy hook golf course… Probably need 10 yards

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